ITAL-2010 Adv ITAL for Spanish Speakers 

Course Description

Advanced Italian for Spanish Speakers is the second semester intensive course that continues and builds on the work done during the Italian for Spanish Speakers course. It provides a review of Italian grammar already learned in the previous semester, along with the opportunities to further develop the four skills of speaking, understanding, reading, and writing at an advanced level. The course is centered on thematic units which deal with the multifaceted aspects of the Italian history, culture, and contemporary life, and these subjects are presented to the students through readings, listening materials, videos and films, and through the use of a variety of language technologies’ tools. Advanced Italian for Spanish Speakers addresses the objective to develop students’ proficiency in oral and written Italian, to provide them with the linguistic sophistication to communicate in formal and informal encounters and exchanges as if living in Italy. Finally, this course will also put a special emphasis on intercultural reflection on and exchange between the Italian, the Latin/Iberian America, and the USA culture and lifestyle.