Language Learning

The Italian Language Program

The Italian Language Program is one of the most highly recognized in the country thanks to the outstanding professional level of the Italian Department Staff members, their dedication to teaching, and their constant effort to develop new pedagogical tools and to integrate recent technologies to engage students in the learning process. The focus of our courses is on the balanced development of all four skills: listening, speaking, writing and speaking in the different modes of communication. We follow a communicatively oriented approach while fostering intercultural knowledge and sensitivity among our students through analysis and discussion of a wide range of sources, from newspaper articles to literature and film. Our careful attention to the development of writing skills leads to a deeper understanding of the nuances of communication and allows our students to express themselves in a variety of registers

All language courses are intensive: they are taught 5 days a week in order to ensure a solid language preparation for our minors and majors and for all students interested in Italian.