Student Showcase

Begining the 2021 academic year, the Department publishes students’ academic products in an effort to highlight their hard work and achievements. Please find below showcases by semester, and then once again by first- and second-year divisions.

Fall 2021


The Students of Basic Italian with Professoressa Musti

Students in Prof.essa Musti’s Basic Italian course chose their favorite Italian Recipe and made cooking “how-to” videos. She then compiled portions of all of the videos into a single format. You can view an excerpted YouTube video (without sound) below. To view this PowerPoint with sound, click the link below:

Ariana Biondi Copeland

Students choose a favorite Italian recipe and make a video cooking it.

Malory Montgomery & Catherine Dell’Olio

Students created a brochure for their favorite Italian city or an Italian city that they would like to visit in the future.


Students collected and reflected on their favorite assignments during the semester. This was designed to focus on language-learning techniques and experiences that had the greatest impact on their Italian studies. 

Tai Markman

Cody Slutzky