Teletandem Exchange Program

The Teletandem Exchange Program (ITAL 408/ITAL 409) allows Georgetown students to partner with students from the University of Salento in Apulia, Italy. This one-credit course is divided into eight (8) one-hour Zoom sessions. During these meetings, the pair of students spend thirty minutes speaking in Italian and thirty minutes speaking in English.

Some of the benefits to this program include:

  • Flexibility: each set of students is free to schedule their own Zoom session for whatever time is convenient for both students.
  • Educational: the divided speaking portions between Italian and English allow for both students to practice their native and learned languages.
  • Low-Stakes: students who are hesitant to take the course for credit can opt for a no-credit opportunity to still be able to participate in the program.
  • Reflective: short, post-meeting feedback assignments give students the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and grow as a language-learner.

Want More Information?

Students seeking additional information on this program should contact Dr. Louise Hipwell (

Please also view our interactive Prezi presentation that covers all aspects of the program!