ITAL-2012 Adv.2 Ital. Tradit., Hist. Art

Course Description

Advanced 2: Italian through Traditions, History, and the Arts is a second-year intensive course meets Monday thru Thursday with asynchronous learning online on Fridays. A second-year intensive course that continues and builds on the work done in ITAL 011, ITAL 032, and ITAL 111 providing a review of Italian grammar learned in the previous years and opportunities to develop the four skills of speaking, understanding, reading, and writing at an advanced level. The course is centered on thematic units dealing with aspects of Italian history, culture, traditions and the Arts that are presented to students through readings, listening materials, videos and films and through the use of language technologies (like Canvas and other digital tools). The general objective is to develop students’ proficiency in oral and written Italian, to provide them with the tools not only to communicate in formal and informal encounters and exchanges in the target country, but also to function in Italian within academic environments. Finally, intercultural reflection and exchange are given prominence in ITAL 112 as in the other courses that constitute the Italian Language curriculum.