Andrew Robbins

 ANDREW ROBBINS (MA, 2013) is a PhD student in Italian at Rutgers University, his interests are in translation studies and contemporary poetry.

 “Before coming to Georgetown I had no idea what I wanted to specifically study, but the variety of excellent professors in the Italian Department led me  down multiple paths of inexhaustible curiosity. Having done a thesis on both translation studies and evolutionary science in 20th century Italian    literature, I decided to continue in a similar vein for his PhD at Rutgers. Now, though my interests are many (modern(ist) literature, philosophy,    translation), I focus on the intersections of science and literature in the 19th and 20th centuries. The amazing experience at Georgetown really helped    me find my vocation for my doctoral work.”

 THESIS: Il genio impetuoso: L’evoluzione creatrice di Italo Svevo ne Lo Specifico del Dottor Menghi.