Those who from afar look like flies:' Italian poetry from Pasolini to the present

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Professor Luigi Ballerini

Luigi Ballerini, currently living in New York and Los Angeles, is an Italian poet, professor of modern and contemporary Italian Literature at UCLA, translator, and a historian of gastronomy. In addition to numerous studies on Italian Futurism, avant-garde literature and poetry, medieval poetry, historical gastronomy, and contemporary sculpture, he has edited several bilingual anthologies of Italian and American poetry, and translated a variety of American authors including Herman Melville, William Carlos Williams, and Gertrude Stein. His poetry has appeared under the following titles:eccetera. E (1972), Che figurato muore (1988), Che oror l’orient (1991), Il terzo gode (1994),The Cadence of a Neighboring Tribe, English edition, (1997) Stracci shakespeariani (1996),Uscita senza strada (2000), Uno monta la luna (2001), Se il tempo è matto (Mondadori, 2010), Una dozzina + 3 (2012), and Cefalonia [2005; Eng. transl. Cephalonia 1943-2001 (2016), a two-voice monologue between an Italian soldier fallen in combat, but possibly executed, and Hans D, a German businessman born with a silver spoon in his mouth, before, during and above all after World War II.  A volume of Luigi Ballerini’s collected poems was ​published by Mondadori in April 2016.
He is currently ​completing an anthology of Italian poetry from Pasolini to 2010, combining poetical texts with selected criticism.

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