Amina Rubinacci Boutique

 – For students interested in the fashion industry
– Must have completed at least to the Advanced 2 (ITAL112) level
– Must have had taken some coursework in marketing, business, or economics, or have completed internships in the field of marketing

Possible Tasks:
 – Assist in marketing and promotional initiatives through email and social media
 – Assist in the design of catalogues
 – Track inventory
 – Assist in some translation work
– Work in the Amina Rubinacci Boutique to experience the person to product connection

More Information
 – Family owned luxury fashion brand (women’s clothing)
– One month unpaid internship at the headquarters of Amina Rubinacci, Via Carlo Poerio, Naples
– Live in a studio apartment in the university district (L’Orientale) about 25 minutes from work
 – Housing is paid by the Department of Italian
– Lunch at the company Monday through Friday
– Month of June (dates are somewhat flexible)

How to apply
Please complete the application form and send it along to a copy of your resume to no later than November 15th, 2022

Student Testimonials
Arthur Babcock (Summer 2019), Double Major in Italian and International Business, 2020 – Leah Benz (Summer 2018), Major in Italian, 2018
Sara Hewitt, (Summer 2023), Major in Italian and Anthropology Major, 2024