Masters Learning Goals

The M.A. program in Italian Studies intends to provide students with a broad knowledge of Italian culture from a literary, linguistic,  and historical perspective; to offer them a solid grasp of major trends in critical and cultural theories and train them to apply these approaches to specific expressions of Italian culture; to provide students with the methodology and research skills to develop interdisciplinary projects in their courses and in their Master’s theses; to help students obtain high proficiency in oral and written Italian language, both through core and elective courses on campus and through one semester’s matriculation at an Italian university; to help each student acquire or enhance expressive competencies in the domain of Italian culture that he/she intends to select for his/her M.A. specialization. 

The program aims to achieve those goals by offering two different specialization tracks, focusing respectively on Italian literature and culture, language pedagogy /second-language acquisition. For each of these two curricular options, study in Italy takes place at specific universities able to offer the best preparation in the field.