Masters Requirements

Masters of Arts in Italian Studies Requirements

The following courses must be completed for the M.A. in Italian Studies:

1st semester:

3 required core courses at Georgetown:

  • ITAL-489 Texts in Contexts
  • ITAL-531 Issues and Perspectives in Italian Studies
  • ITAL-551 Italy and the Idea of Europe

2nd semester:

3 electives at the graduate level during the spring semester in Italy. The Director of Graduate Studies will work with the partner universities to ensure coherence in course selection. Students will only receive Georgetown credit for pre-approved courses and grades of at least 25/30.

3rd semester:

3 Elective courses at Georgetown, comprised of:

2 Electives from the Italian Department course offerings, for example:

  • ITAL-420 Language and Migration
  • ITAL-480 Discourse Analysis Narrative
  • ITAL-533 Art, Opera, and Society
  • ITAL-550 Italian Women’s Historical Journey
  • ITAL-603 Betrayals of Literary Translation
  • ITAL-605 Images and Politics: Italian Cinema and National Consciousness

(Course offerings vary from year to year. Learn more about current Italian course offerings)

1 Elective from the BMW Center, Italian, German, Government or Linguistics Department course offerings, for example:

  • INAF-445 Europe as World Region
  • INAF-590 International Relations in Europe
  • GERM-590 L2 Curriculum Construction: Contexts, Principles, Goals and Approaches
  • GOVT-593 Comparative European Politics
  • LING-496 Intercultural Communication
  • LING-553 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
  • LING-586 Language & Identity

(Course offerings vary from year to year. Learn more about current offerings in all departments)

4th semester:

Thesis Writing Seminar and the Master’s Thesis at Georgetown

  • ITAL-750 Thesis Writing Seminar (a core course)
  • Master’s Thesis Writing and Defense