Research Fellowship

In order to promote academic achievement and independent research, each year the Italian Department offers one Undergraduate Research Fellowship of $2,000 to give a student the opportunity to devote time to the research that will inform their Senior Honors Thesis.

In the Spring of their Junior year, students of Italian with a GPA of 3.5 or higher will be invited to write a Senior Honors Thesis and to compete for the Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

The Fellowship allows the successful candidate to pursue an academic project of particular interest, conduct research while studying abroad, and develop the project into a Senior Honors Thesis. 

The application includes a 1000-word, well-written essay describing the research project, its significance in relation to the academic field, and its role in the student’s long-term academic and intellectual goals. Applicants must also submit a realistic, detailed timeline for the project, an itemized budget, and a working bibliography.    

Proposals are assessed based on the originality of the project, evidence of existing research on the topic, and seriousness of purpose of the thesis project. Applications are typically due by April 15 and results announced by April 30. By August 30, the recipient must submit a three-page report to be reviewed by the Department. The student will work with a faculty mentor and will submit the Senior Honors Thesis to the Department as per the proposed timeline.