Major Learning Goals

Students who complete a major in Italian reach a level of proficiency corresponding to the profile defined in the ACTFL guidelines as Advanced High for speaking and writing and Advanced High/Superior for reading and listening.

They are expected:

  • to be able to communicate fluently with native speakers and use the language in both everyday and formal situations on a wide variety of topics going from personal to abstract;
  • to understand not only the main ideas but also deeper meanings expressed in a variety of textual genres and the pragmatic elements that characterize communication in those genres;
  • to acquire a good grasp of sociolinguistic differences in Italy (for example to be able to clearly distinguish different registers, regional accents, and typical gestures);
  • to choose the language register appropriate to different genres and forms of interaction;
  • to understand the role of form (its politics and ideology) in each individual text and its evolution;
  • to understand the relationship between a) the individual text and the genre it belongs to and/or transgresses; b) the individual texts and its broader context;
  • to incorporate literary and critical theories in written assignments;
  • to explore connections and understand the Italian literary and cultural tradition from past to present;
  • to show familiarity with different theoretical approaches to literature and culture.