Laura Benedetti Pic Laura Benedetti, Professor 

Laura and Gaetano De Sole Professor of Contemporary Italian Culture
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
email: lb227@georgetown.edu 

Interests: 20th -Century Literature, Women Writers from the Origins to the Present, Gender Studies, Torquato Tasso, Renaissance Chivalric and Epic Poems, the Past-Present Continuum.


Francesco Ciabattoni, Associate Professor

PH.D., Johns Hopkins University 
email: fc237@georgetown.edu

Interests: Medieval and 20-century literature, interplay of literature and music, language teaching and linguistics. Intertextuality, interdiscoursivity and allusion in early Italian texts, contemporary Italian literature and songs.

  Gianni Cicali Pic 2  Gianni Cicali, Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Studies

Dottorato di ricerca, University of Florence
Ph.D., University of Toronto
email: gc227@georgetown.edu

Interests: 15th-18th century Italian theater; Italian opera and librettists; the relations between theater and the fine arts; Pietro Trinchera, religious theater; cinema.

 Anna De Fina, Professor and Chair

Professor and Chair
Ph.D., Georgetown University

Interests: Discourse analysis: oral narrative, narratives in interaction and the relationship between storytelling and identity. Discourse an identities: processes of identity construction among migrant and transnational communities. Language use in Italian communities abroad. Dialects and language varieties in Italy. Italian American studies.

NicolettaNicoletta Pireddu, Professor

Dottorato di Ricerca, Università di Venezia Ca'Foscari
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
e-mail: pireddun@georgetown.edu

Interests: Comparative literature; European studies; Italian, English, French literatures; critical theories; cultural studies; history of ideas; early science-fiction; translation studies.

Louise Hipwell Photo Louise Hipwell, Associate Teaching Professor

Ph.D., Rutgers University
e-mail: lfh5@georgetown.edu

Interests: Language pedagogy, using technology to enhance student learning, integrating culture into all levels of language instruction, translation studies.

DonatellaDonatella Melucci, Associate Teaching Professor

Ph.D., Arizona State University
e-mail: dm527@georgetown.edu

Interests: Fields of specialization: Syntax, methodologies for teaching Italian as a second/foreign language, use of technology in foreign language classes, translation studies. 


Fulvia Musti Pic Fulvia Musti, Assistant Teaching Professor

Laurea in Lingue e Lettere, University of Bologna
Ph.D Candidate, DLS, ('16)
e-mail: mustif@georgetown.edu

Interests: Teaching Italian language and culture using a drama-based approach; integrating web resources and technology.


Pino Tosi Giuseppe Tosi, Assistant Teaching Professor

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
e-mail: tosig@georgetown.edu


Interests: Modern and contemporary Italian literature; cultural studies; interdisciplinary approaches to literature; creative writing; translation.